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Neither Mulkia nor any of its agents or partners will be responsible for any damage occurring directly or indirectly including loss of profits (even if Mulkia does not inform of possibility of occurrence of such damages) which arise in any way including but not limited to (1) any damages, viruses or any defect caused by any equipment or software as related to access to or use of the website, (2) information provided in or through this website, (3) objecting, amending or misusing information which has been provided by Mulkia or sent to you, (4) work or unavailability of this website (5) misusing of this website, (6) loss of data, (7) downloading or use of any program provided through this website or (8) claims raised by third parties as related to use of this website. This exclusion of responsibility will also be applied for interest of the members of Mulkia BOD and its employees.

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