Who we are

Mulkia Investment (Mulkia)

Is a Saudi Listed Company holding CR. No. 1010407245, headquartered in Riyadh with share capital of 65 Million Saudi Riyals. Mulkia conducts its business pursuant to the laws and regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mulkia was granted Capital Market Authority license No (13170-37) dated 2/1/1435H corresponding to 5/11/2013G and carried out dated 1/5/1435H corresponding to 3/3/2014G it works in securities business including: Dealing,
Custody Securities, Managing investments and operating funds Managing
investments, Arranging Financial advisor / corporate finance advisor and
Advising Investment Advisor.
 Mulkia provides diversified and integrated financial and investment services tailored to suit the goals of individuals and institutions of different types and sizes. Mulkia operates in the field of asset management, arranging corporate finance, financial advice and research. Mulkia Investment does not have any controllers amoung its shareholders.

Our Goals

We aim to achieve prominence in all of our business activities and achieve attractive returns for our shareholders and customers while complying with the rules and principles of Islamic Shari’a in all our transactions. We strive to ensure a professional duty of care in all of our activities, bearing in mind the importance of building and maintaining excellent professional relations with our shareholders, business partners, customers, employees, society and all other stakeholders.