Equities Investments

Equity investments are instruments that invest in the shares of companies listed in the financial markets, and aim to achieve high returns accompanied with a high level of risk. They are considered a highly volatile investment instruments available to investors through direct investment in the financial market, investment funds and private portfolios managed by experienced investment managers with sufficient financial expertise to manage this type of investment and accept its risk level.

In Mulkia, the equity investments department offers a range of investment alternatives that are tailored to serve all of our clients. Understanding our clients’ needs and requirements and tailoring our products to meet their investment orientations and risk tolerance is what differentiate us.

The equity investment department manages private portfolios through different strategies:

1. Personal strategy: By clicking on each strategy, a window opens with information about the strategy from the presentation of the stock investment management.

2. Growth Strategy
3. Balanced strategy
4. Flexible strategy
5. Income Strategy

For for information about stock investment management please contact us click here to view the presentation of stock investment management.

In addition to that, the equity investments department also manages equity funds, which are the right option for individual investors who seek to invest in shares through Mutual funds, currently Mulkia manages the following equity funds :