Privacy Statement

  • Mulkia is aware that it is important for you to know the way of our dealing with your personal data and financial information. Mulkia appreciates that you may feel the intention we pay to your privacy and to secrecy and security of your private information that we obtain through the internet, and Mulkia commits to keep to security of that information.
  • This statement shows our present policy regarding privacy. Using by you of Mulkia website indicates that you accept provisions of use of this website and the privacy statement mentioned thereon. It is allowed for us to change contents of this website and its services at any time without a notice. Accordingly, privacy statement may change from time to time. Continuously access and use of this website by you means that you agree and accept the changes that we make. Therefore, we hope that you periodically read the privacy statement to be informed of any changes.
  • Also, there may be limited and additional provisions related to the privacy which is applied to various sections of our website or the services we provide to you which are applicable in addition to this privacy statement. In case of any conflict between provisions of this Statement of Privacy and other specific and additional provisions, other specific and additional provisions will prevail.
  • We are keen on soundness and protection of information that we obtain through the internet from website visitors who interact with our website, and we keep the availability of material, electronic and procedural means of protection to protect your information. However, there is no any guarantee for any data sent through internet to be completely safe. As soon as Mulkia receives any information, it takes all reasonable steps to protect such information available in its electronic system.
  • We are not going to collect any information about you except for the information we know that you provide to us through our website. Information which we collect from you depend on the way of your use of the facilities and services provided to you by our website, and we don’t sell or share information related to you or to our customers with third parties not affiliated to us for their own marketing purposes.
  • We will not disclose information affiliated to you or our customers to any external organization unless we have an authorization from you in this regard, under the law, or due to an order by a competent authority. We always commit to protect your/our customer privacy.
  • Mulkia does not try to collect sensitive personal data (such as data that discloses political opinions, religious believes, health information and other affairs) through this website. However, if Mulkia intends to collect information of this kind, you prior consent upon this will be required. Please, note that when you provide Mulkia with sensitive information that it didn’t require, you agree for us to use such information as stated above.
  • Mulkia may collect and analyse information related to use of this website including the scope name, number of times of access, pages visited, websites visited formerly/ subsequently and the length of time of visit of the user. Such information may be collected through use of (cookies) files, and this is a small text file put in your hard disk through your server of web, and you may choose to use or not to use (cookies) files through changing setups of your browser. Notice that use of (cookies) files will make use of this website faster and easier.
  • Please note that the privacy statement does not cover websites of third parties which have links on this website.