Capital Raising

Advising our clients in getting the most out of their capital structure and matching their funding needs through different mechanisms.

Private Placement

Advising on raising additional equity to support business growth or the divestiture of an equity share through assessing the feasibility of the management’s plan, identifying potential investors (whether strategic or financial), preparation of the information memorandum, and overlooking the work of external consultants (legal & financial due diligence).

Initial Public Offering

Assisting clients to go public (on the main market – Tadawul – or the secondary market – Nomu) through assessing the readiness of the company to go public, reviewing the company’s business plan and future prospects, advising on the adequate valuation, coordinating with third parties (including the regulatory authorities), preparing the required documentation and executing the public offering.

Debt Raising

Assisting clients into maximizing their investment returns through gaining access to the debt markets. We assist our clients in approaching financial institutions in order to arrange for credit facilities on a project basis or for general business requirements. The process includes the preparation of a credit profile of the client and a feasibility of the project to be financed, approaching banks and liaising with them throughout the application process and advising on the credit term sheets issued.