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Addendum Announcement from Mulkia Investment Co. in regards to signing a Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of establishing a real estate fund

Introduction: In addition to the Company’s announcement published on the Tadawul website on 26 February 2024 regarding signing a memorandum of understanding to acquire a plot of raw land in its capacity as a manager of the fund that will be established to acquire that plot of land
Date of Posting the Previous Announcement of Development on Saudi Exchange’s Website: 26-02-2024
Hyperlink to the Previous Announcement:  

The link of announcement

Change on the Development: The duration of the memorandum of understanding was extended for an additional 45 days, not including the Eid Al-Adha holiday, in order to complete the regulatory procedures for the acquisition of the plot of land and launching the fund

Financial Impact on the change:       N/A

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