Mr. Mohammed Al-Saier Alinzi

Mr. Mohammed Al-Saier Alinzi

Non-Independent Board Member

Mr. Mohammed Al-Saier is the Chairman of Business Indicator Co, Focusing on Oil & Gas, Healthcare and F&B, which is a leading investment, company in Saudi Arabia and globally. He also serves as a Board Member & Head of Securities & Investment Committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh.

In addition, Mr. Al-Saier is a member of the advisory board in Bank of Singapore and he is a founding member in Spartan investment LTD UK.

Mohammed served as the vice Chairman of the Saudi Logistic company. BOD and head of the Executive Committee of Tadawi Healthcare Group, the second largest Pharmaceutical Company in Saudi Arabia, and BOD of Marsa Alseef Company, a prestigious Real Estate Development on the hear of Dubai. Also, he acted for 5 years as a Board Member on Al-Bilad Capital.

He worked in University of Toledo Endowment Fund, Ohio USA to manage equity funds in S&P 500 index and held the position of CIO in Arbah Capital.

Mr. Al-Saier sourced, executed & divested transactions with worth more than 2 Billion US Dollars in Hospitality, Financial Services and Aviation. He possess 13 years of experience in Founded and Co-Founded companies in Insurance, Real Estate and Investment Banking. He has also a deep understanding and though experience of the financial services industry and by virtue of his vision and his continuous contributions, he has been awarded the King Salman Award OF Leadership.

Mohammed finished the Program of Leadership Development (PLD) and the Advance Management Program at Harvard Business School. He also has finished Essential Leadership program at London Business School and completed Equity Specialist Certificate from Bloomberg. He also hold’s a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Finance and MBA with investment as specialization from University of Toledo, Ohio USA.