Mulkia IPO

Mulkia Investment Company intends to register its shares and offer a portion of them to qualified investors for the initial public offering and list them in the parallel market – Nomu, with a number of (1,300,000) shares representing (20%) of its shares of the company’s capital.

Company’s paid-up capital is 65 million riyals, divided into 6 million and 500 thousand shares with a nominal value of 10 Saudi riyals per share.

The offering will be limited to the categories of qualified investors stipulated in the list of terms used in the Capital Market Authority’s regulations and rules, and the prospectus has been published on the Capital Market Authority’s website and the company’s website.

CapitalNumber of SharesNumber of Shares OfferedOf the Company's Share Capital

IPO Timeline

Announce the IPOSubscription BeginsSubscription EndsAnnouncement of Final Allocation of Offer Shares Refund of the surplus
Trading starts date

It is expected that trading of the company’s shares will begin in the parallel market after all requirements have been met and all relevant regulatory procedures have been completed. The start of share trading will be announced in local newspapers and the Saudi Tadawul website..

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Announcement of the offering of Mulkia Investment Company shares and their listing in the parallel market17/09/2023View
The Capital Market Authority Announces the Approval on the Registration and Offering shares of Mulkia Investment Company in the Parallel Market22/06/2023View