Mulkia – Alajlan Riviera Fund

Mulkia – Alajlan Riviera Fund

is a closed public real estate investment fund, Shariah-compliant and regulated by The Capital Market Authority. The fund obtained the approval of the CMA for the offering on 10/13/1442 AH, 05/25/2021 AD. The fund aims to invest in residential commercial land located in the city of Riyadh – Qurtubah district, to develop the land in the form of high-end residential units (Alajlan Riviera 24) in order to achieve capital returns through the sale of the fund’s assets.

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Important Notice

Mulkia Investment Company announces that it has no subsidiaries in the Gulf Countries (GCC) or any other country and Mulkia declares that it is not responsible for any fraud.

Please be careful of any person or entity that uses Mulkia data, info, or license number to operate illegally.

Mulkia Investment Company confirms that there is absolutely no transaction (receipt, send, or transfer) of cash through personal bank accounts