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Mulkia Investment Company announces dividends distribution to Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Unitholders

Introduction :
Mulkia Investment Company announces the distribution of cash dividend to Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund Unitholders for the period from 01/01/2020 to 01/03/2020 as follows:
Type of Distribution :
Cash Dividend
Profits Maturity Period :
The eligibility of dividends shall be for the unit holders registered in the registers of the Securities Depository Center by the end of Monday 14/07/1441H corresponding 09/03/2020G (end of Thursday trading day on 10/07/1441H corresponding to 05/03/2020G).
Total Dividends :
SAR 7,200,000
Number of Outstanding Units on which Cash Dividends will be Distributed :
Amount of Profit Distributed per Unit (SAR) :
Percentage of Dividend to the Unit’s Initial Price (%) :
1.20 %
Percentage of Dividend of the Net Assets Value (%)
1.22 %
Percentage of Dividend of the Net Assets Value as of :
2020-03-01 Corresponding to 1441-07-06
Eligibility of Cash Dividends to the Unitholders as per the Unitholders Registry as of :
2020-03-09 Corresponding to 1441-07-14
Dividends Payment Date :
Dividends will be paid within 15 business days post the eligibility date
Additional Information :
In preparation of increasing the fund capital. The Fund Manager also would like to remind the Unitholders to update their bank account information in order to ensure depositing the outstanding distribution to their accounts directly.