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Mulkia Investment Company announces termination of Mulkia IPOs Fund and the period of its liquidation

Mulkia Investment company announces the termination of Mulkia IPOs Fund on 10/03/2020 AD The fund will be liquidated and the fund manager will stop calculating any expenses starting from Monday 17/02/2020 AD and all redemptions will be based on Monday 17/02/2020 AD price unit where it was announced on Tadawul and Mulkia website the price 7.1363 SAR/ per Unit.
As for the expenses, they will be dealt with as follows:
In the event of spare sums, it will be returned to the clients registered on the date of the Capital Market Authority’s notice of termination which is 10/02/2020 AD
In the event of any expenses or amounts due to be paid, the fund manager will be borne by the Mulkia Investment Company
All the investment amounts distributed to the owners of units Within 30 days from the end date of the Fund.