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Announcement by Mulkia Investment Company that Mulkia Alajlan Riviera Fund ’s semi-annual audited financial statements for the period ended on (30/06/2023) is available to the public.

Mulkia Investment Company announces the availability of the preliminary audited financial statements of the Mulkia – Alajlan Riviera Fund for the period ending on 30/06/2023, and the following is a summary of the preliminary financial results for the period:

Net Assets at the end of the period: 41,887,528 SAR

Total Expenses and Fees for the period: 771,086 SAR

Net Profit for the period: 17,220,189 SAR

Number of the Outstanding Units: 5,200,000 Units

Net Unit Value: 8.06 SAR

Revenue of the period %: – 6.2%

Additional information:

  • Net asset value using the fair value method based on real estate valuation at the end of the period: 51,401,919
  • Net asset value per unit using the fair value method at the end of the period: 9.88 SAR.
  • Net profit for the period using the fair value method: 10.55%.
  • During the period the fund distributed 3.85 SAR per unit.

Attached Document: Click here.