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Invitation to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting for company ( First Meeting)

Type of general assembly meeting:  Extraordinary

Number of times the General Assembly meeting called:  First Meeting

introduction:  The Board of Directors of Mulkia Investment Company is pleased to invite the esteemed shareholders to attend and vote in the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting (the first meeting), which is scheduled to be held via modern technology means at 18:30 on Thursday 06/06/2024 corresponding to 29/11/1445 H

City and location of the General Assembly:  The company’s headquarters in Riyadh City (via Modern Technology means)

Voting link:  www.tadawulaty.com.sa

Meeting link: /https://app.jameeah.com/meetings/

Date of the General Assembly:  6 June 2024G / 29 Shawwal 1445 H

General Assembly meeting time (24-hour format):  18:30

How the General Assembly held:  via Modern Technology means

The right to attend, the right to register, and the end of voting:  Shareholders who are registered in the issuers shareholders record at the Depositary Center by the end of the trade session prior to the general assembly meeting and in accordance with the laws and regulations. The shareholder has the right to delegate whomever other than the board of directors. The right to register a name to attend the general assembly meeting ends at the time of convening the general assembly meeting. The attendees right to vote on the items of the assembly’s agenda ends upon the end of screening the votes by the Screening Committee.

The quorum required for the assembly to be held:  The extraordinary General meeting will be quorum by the attendance of at least 50% of the company shares, if quorum is not completed in the first meeting, the second meeting will be held one hour after the specified time of the first meeting, and the second meeting will be considered valid if attended by shareholders who represent at least 25% of the capital.

Assembly agenda:

1. Review the financial statements for the financial year ending on 12/31/2023 and discussing it. (attached)

2. Vote on the auditor’s report for the financial year ending on 12/31/2023 after discussing it.

3. Review the Board of Directors’ report for the financial year ending on 12/31/2023 and discussing it.

4. Vote on discharging the members of the Board of Directors from their liabilities for the financial year ending on 12/31/2023.

5. Vote on disbursing an amount of 345,000 riyals as a reward to members of the Board of Directors for the fiscal year ending on 12/31/2023 AD.

6. Voting on the business and contracts that took place between the company and the Mobtakra Real Estate Company, in which the member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Muhammad bin Ghanem Al-Anazi, has an indirect interest, which is the payment of commissions to the Mobtakra Real Estate Company. The value of the transaction during the year 2023 amounted to 450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand Saudi riyals) and there are no preferential conditions. (attached)

7. Vote on appointing an auditor from among the candidates, based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee, to review and audit the semi-annual and annual financial statements for the year 2024 and determine his fees.

8. Vote on amendment to the company’s governance regulations. (attached)

9. Vote on authorizing the Board of Directors to distribute interim dividends to shareholders on a semi / quarterly basis for the fiscal year 2024.

10. Vote on delegating to the Board of Directors the authority of the General Assembly with the authorization contained in Paragraph No. (1) of Article No. (27) of the Companies Provisions System and in accordance with the conditions contained in the Executive Regulations of the Companies System for listed joint stock companies, provided that the authorization period is one year from the date Approval of the General Assembly or until the end of the session of the authorized Board of Directors, whichever comes first.

11. Vote on amending Article Fourteen of the company’s bylaws, which relates to stock trading. (attached)

12. Vote on deleting Article 15 from the company’s bylaws, which relates to the shareholder registry. (attached)

13. Vote on deleting Article Sixteen from the company’s bylaws, which relates to share certificates. (attached)

14. Vote on amending Article Twenty of the company’s bylaws, which relates to company management. (attached)

15. Vote on the Board of Directors’ recommendation to transfer the balance of the statutory reserve amounting to 2,468,184 riyals, as in the financial statements for the year ending 12/31/2023 AD, to the retained earnings item.

The shareholder’s right to discuss topics on agenda, ask questions, and how to vote:  Shareholders have the right to discuss matters listed in the agenda of the General Assembly and raise relevant questions. Shareholders can remotely vote on the General Assembly Meeting’s agenda via (E-voting service), through Tadawulaty www.tadawulaty.com.sa

Details of the electronic voting:  Shareholders can vote remotely at the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting agenda via the free E-voting services on Tadawulaty website (https://login.tadawulaty.com.sa), starting from Sunday 02/06/2024 G pursuant to 25/11/1445 H 01:00 AM, until the end of the General Assembly.

How to contact if you have any inquiries: 

For more information or inquiries, please contact us through the following:

Tele: +966 800 119 9992

Email: sr@mulkia.com.sa