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Addendum announcement from Mulkia Investment Company regarding increasing the fund capital

Date of the Previous Announcement:
2020-02-05 Corresponding to 1441-06-11
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Change Details:
Mulkia Investment Company is pleased to announce that on Monday 07/07/1441 H corresponding to 02/03/2020 the fund has successfully completed the transfer of the ownership of Elite Mall building to Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT fund with an amount of 201,500,00 Saudi Riyals as 60% cash with an amount of 120,900,000 Saudi Riyals which was paid from the fund’s available financing and the other 40% with an amount of 80,600,000 Saudi Riyals as in kind and the fund manager will issue an amount of 8,108,652 units for the seller.
The Impact Caused by the Change:
It is expected that this acquisition will have a future positive effect on the fund performance.
The Fund manager assures there is no related parties in the acquisition process.