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Addendum announcement from Mulkia Investment Company related to a specific event in Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT fund

Date of the Previous Announcement: 2022-01-30 Corresponding to 1443-06-27
URL of the Previous Announcement: link
Subject of change: Further to Mulkia Investment Company announcement regarding the occurrence of a specific event that has been published in 27/06/1443 H corresponding to 30/01/2022 G, Mulkia Investment Company would like to announce finalizing the Process of ownership transfer for the first phase of the acquisition of “ALJADHA property” to the fund by transferring a percentage of 63.61% as per the agreement signed with the property sellers that was previously announced.
The Impact Caused by the Change: completion of the process of transferring a percentage of the property represents 63.61% and it is expected based on this acquisition that the fund’s revenue increases starting from the date of title deeds transfer
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