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Addendum announcement from Mulkia Investment Company related to cash dividend distributions announcement to the Unitholders of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT fund

Date of the Previous Announcement: 2022-04-17 Corresponding to 1443-09-16
URL of the Previous Announcement: link
Subject of change: Further to Mulkia Investment Company announcement in 16/09/1443 H corresponding to 17/04/2022 G, Mulkia Investment Company would like to announce that the announced dividends will be distributed to Unitholders of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund starting from Sunday 21/10/1443H corresponding to 22/05/2022
The Impact Caused by the Change: No impact
Additional Information: Securities Depository Center Company (“Edaa”) will distribute dividends to eligible Unitholders through direct transfer to their bank accounts linked to investment portfolios.
The company would like to draw the attention of non-resident investors that the cash dividends transferred through the resident financial intermediary are subject when transferred or credited to their bank account to a 5% withholding tax in accordance with the provisions of Article (68) of the Income Tax Law and Article (63) of its Implementing Regulations.


Important Notice

Mulkia Investment Company announces that it has no subsidiaries in the Gulf Countries (GCC) or any other country and Mulkia declares that it is not responsible for any fraud.

Please be careful of any person or entity that uses Mulkia data, info, or license number to operate illegally.

Mulkia Investment Company confirms that there is absolutely no transaction (receipt, send, or transfer) of cash through personal bank accounts