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Announcement by Mulkia Investment Company that Mulkia Alajlan Riviera Fund ’s annual reports, including the annual audited financial statements and Sharia Committee report, for the period ended on ( 2023/12/31) are available to the public

Announcement Detail: Mulkia Investment Company announces the availability of the annual report of the Mulkia Fund – Al Ajlan Riviera, which includes the audited annual financial statements and Sharia Committee report  for the year ended 31/12/2023, and the following is a summary of the annual financial results for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2023, net assets at the end of the period  13,235,785 SAR, Total expenses and fees for the year/period 2,827,382 SAR, net profit for the year/period  23,668,446 Saudi riyals, number of existing units at the end of the year/period 5,200,000 units, net unit value 2.55 SAR, return for the period (5.94%)

Net Assets at the end of the period: 13,235,785SAR

Total Expenses and Fees for the period: 2,827,382 SAR

Net Profit/(Loss) for the period: 23,668,446 SAR

Number of the Outstanding Units: 5,200,000 Units

Net Unit Value for Unit: 2.55 SAR

Revenue of the period %: 5.94 %

Fund’s Annual Report: Click Here

Additional Information: To view the report, please visit the link below or open the attached file.


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