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Announcement by Mulkia Investment Company that Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT’s annual reports, including the annual audited financial statements, for the period ended on ( 2023-12-31 ) are available to the public

Mulkia Investment Company announces the availability of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund Annual report including the Annual Audited Financial statements for the year ending 31/12/2023 as following:

Net Assets at the End of the Period: 790,840,690 Saudi riyals

Total Expenses and Fees for the Year/Period: 117,026,526 Saudi riyals

Net Profit/(Loss) for the Year/Period: (11,806,606) Saudi riyals

Number of the Outstanding Units at the End of Year/Period: 103,765,995

Net Unit Value:    7.62 Saudi riyals

Revenue of the period %:  – 1.49%

For the Fund’s Annual Report: Click here.

Additional Information:

– Net Asset fair value as per Real Estate valuation at the end of the period is 861,805,585 Saudi Riyals.

– Net Asset Value per unit as fair value at the end of the period is 8.305 Saudi Riyals.

– Total Depreciation for the period is 18,698,317 Saudi Riyals.

– The above expenses and fees for the period do not include the impairment of investment properties with an amount of 9,135,331 Saudi Riyals.

(*) Return for the period is calculated by dividing net profit for the period on net asset value at the end of the period.