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Announcement from Mulkia Investment Company about the result of the subscription in the increasing of the total asset value of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund:

Mulkia Investment Company, in its capacity as the manager of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund, announces the results of the additional offering process of increasing the total asset value of the Fund, which ended on Wednesday 09/07/1444 AH corresponding to 03/29/2023 G. The total value of cash and in-kind subscriptions amounted to (280,529,351.88) Saudi riyals, including cash subscriptions of (245,529,351.88) Saudi riyals, which represents a coverage ratio of (309.66%) to the total cash offering at the minimum limit, and (114.50%) to the total cash offering at the maximum limit. Accordingly, the cash offering has been covered and reached its maximum limit. The Additional offering witnessed the participation of individual and institutional investors with a total of (70,406) subscribers, while the number of subscription requests reaches (33,241) requests.

The units will be allocated within 15 business days from the closing date of the additional offering period in accordance with the allocation mechanism disclosed in the supplementary annex of the Fund’s terms & conditions. The new units will also be listed and traded after completing all relevant legal procedures.