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Announcement of extending the term of Mulkia – Al Ajlan Riviera fund:

Based on third paragraph of the terms and conditions of the Mulkia – Al Ajlan Riviera fund “the term of the fund”, we announce the decision of the fund’s board of directors to extend the term of the fund for an additional year, in order to complete the liquidation of the fund’s assets. Also note that according to the current stages of completion, we expect that the extending term will not exhaust the full year period, and the liquidation process will be done soon and we shall use the proceeds of the sales to pay cash dividends to the unitholders in installments as soon as all obligations of the fund are paid in full, and the regular procedures have been met.

We are also pleased to inform you that the Fund’s real estate assets sales are progressing well, and we assure unit holders of our efforts to start paying cash dividends from the sale proceeds to the unit holders as soon as possible.