Dar alkuttab

About Dar alkuttab

Dur Alkuttab is an educational limited liability company based in Riyadh that has the objective of establishing a chain of nursery and kindergarten preschool facilities for children between 1 and 6 years of age.

Dur Alkuttab is the result of a strategic alliance between the Higher Education Fund and Mulkia Investment Company that materialized in “Mulkia Private Equity Fund – Education Sector” which is the main investor in Dur Alkuttab.

Our Vision

Raising a creative, mindful generation that is capable of self-learning, and availing the best possible resources to do so.

Our Mission

Arranging a distinct educational environment that provides children with opportunities to excel and innovate.

Our objective

Preparing children to school life and providing them with knowledge that is adequate to their age and mental development as well as encouraging their creativity.

Educational Philosophy

The company will implement a philosophy that promotes children comprehensive development that comprises 4 main areas:

Mental wellbeing: assuring that the school environment is a positive and safe one that would enable building self-esteem and strengthening connectedness and personal sense of responsibility.

Physical wellbeing: making sure that children are physically fit and have a host of options to exercise and participate in sporting activities.

Social wellbeing: encouraging interaction between different age groups and allowing sufficient time for kids to mingle and learn through socializing.

Intellectual wellbeing: providing curriculums that enable the children to learn through discovery and inquiry in order to develop their intelligence.

Educational Methodology

We in Dur Alkuttab take extra care of languages and Islamic studies, and we target using curriculums and methodologies that specialize in preschool education and are based on the notion that children learn through curricular activities and specially designed programs, which allow them to better understand concepts

Learning Integration

We in Dur Alkuttab believe that preschool facilities are key to superior child development at home and in school, since kindergarten is considered an essential transient phase between both.



Dur Alkuttab has participated in the “Investment and Finance in Educational Buildings Conference” which took place in the Ministry of Education on 11-12 of January 2017