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Mulkia Investment Company Announces the Commencement date of the electronic voting on the Agenda of its Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (First Meeting) via means of modern technology (Reminder announcement).

Announcement details: 

With reference to Mulkia Investment company’s announcement published on Tadawul website on 08/11/1445H corresponding to 16/05/2024G regarding the invitation to attend Extraordinary General Assembly meeting (First Meeting), which is scheduled to be held via means of modern technology, at (6:30) pm on Thursday 29/11/1445H corresponding to 06/06/2024G.

Accordingly, Mulkia Investment Company would like to remind its respective shareholders that the electronic voting will be available on the agenda items of the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, starting at 01: 00 AM on Sunday 25/11/1445 corresponding to 02/06/2024 Until the end of time the Assembly meeting. Please note that registration in Tadawulaty service and voting is provided free of charge for all shareholders by using the following link :


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Tele: +966 800 119 9992

Email: sr@mulkia.com.sa