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Mulkia Investment Company announces the details of a non-fundamental changes in the Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund.

Mulkia Investment Company as a fund manager of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund announces a change in the auditor of the fund based on the approval of the fund Board, the change will be effective by 21/12/1443 Ah 20/07/2022.

The details of the non-fundamental change are: updating the provisions related to the Auditor in order to complete the process of changing the Auditor from DR. ABDULGADIR BANNAGA & PARTENERS CO. (RSM) to Al Bassam & Co (PKF)


Important Notice

Mulkia Investment Company announces that it has no subsidiaries in the Gulf Countries (GCC) or any other country and Mulkia declares that it is not responsible for any fraud.

Please be careful of any person or entity that uses Mulkia data, info, or license number to operate illegally.

Mulkia Investment Company confirms that there is absolutely no transaction (receipt, send, or transfer) of cash through personal bank accounts