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Mulkia investment Company announces updating Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund Terms & Conditions

Mulkia investment Company as the Fund Manager of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT fund- announces updating Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund Terms & Conditions, effective from 30/07/1443 H corresponding to 03/03/2022 G.
Below is a summary of the most important updates:
Updating the clauses related to zakat calculation for the fund to complete the process of registering the fund at the General Authority of Zakat and income for Zakat purposes to be as below:
– Registering the fund for zakat purposes with the General Authority for Zakat and Tax, starting from the year 2019.
– The fund manager acknowledges that it is not possible to cancel the registration and stop supplying zakat to the General Authority for Zakat and Income until the expiry of the fund’s term, unless changes are made to the mechanism of registration related to the investment funds for zakat purposes from the regulatory authorities.
Effective Date of the Update to Fund’s Terms and Conditions: 2022-03-03 Corresponding to 1443-07-30
To view the updated Terms & Conditions please visit the attached file.


Important Notice

Mulkia Investment Company announces that it has no subsidiaries in the Gulf Countries (GCC) or any other country and Mulkia declares that it is not responsible for any fraud.

Please be careful of any person or entity that uses Mulkia data, info, or license number to operate illegally.

Mulkia Investment Company confirms that there is absolutely no transaction (receipt, send, or transfer) of cash through personal bank accounts