Mulkia – Qurtoba Real Estate Fund

Mulkia – Qurtoba Real Estate Fund is a private closed-end real estate fund and it complies with the Capital Market Authority’s rules and regulations. The fund main goal is to acquire a raw land located in Unayzah City for the purpose of developing infrastructure and providing all necessary services. It also aims to make capital returns for the fund’s investors by selling developed commercial and residential lands after the project has ended.


Fund Privileges

Fund NameMulkia - Qurtoba Real Estate Fund
Fund Currency Saudi Riyal
Fund TypePrivet close-end real estate fund
Fund Period Three years, extendable for two years
Fund Unit Offering Price10 SAR
Risk Level High
Fund Objectives Acquiring a raw land in Onaizah City for the purpose of developing the infrastructure and providing the all necessary services before selling the lands in the forms of commercial and residential lands and making capital returns for the fund investors.
Fund Start Date12/06/2022

Phone Number: 8001199992