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Ownership of the investment: the volume of assets under management increased by more than 218% in the first quarter

Mulkia Investment Company revealed a record growth in the volume of assets under management in the first quarter of 2020 to reach 3.81 billion riyals, a growth rate of more than 218% compared to the first quarter of 2019. The company attributed this growth to the increase in the value of investments in real estate assets by increasing the assets of income-generating real estate funds and real estate development funds for raw lands. And Mounira Hejab Al-Dossary, CEO of Malkia Investment Company, stated that this growth reflects  the confidence of investors in the company and its experiences in managing assets and investments in a difficult and challenging economic climate, and Al-Dosari also indicated that the company’s strategy is mainly focused on managing alternative investment assets, as it depends This strategy has two main pillars: real estate investment, investment in private properties specifically in the education, health care and food sector. The company seeks to increase and diversify the product base to serve the interests of its clients and their investment orientations

Thanks to God, this achievement adds to several successes during the past few years, which included the standard coverage of the Gulf REIT property ownership subscription, which received a large turnout of investors with a coverage rate of 20 times and profitable exit from a number of real estate assets, the last of which was the sale of the Hittin market property in Al-Thaghr neighborhood in the city of Riyadh, a property fund for the development of commercial complexes. In addition, a number of private placement funds have been launched in real estate, Saudi stocks and private equity funds.