An Announcement from Capital Market Authority regarding the Approval of Public Offering of the Real Estate Fund “Mulkia – Alajlan Riviera Fund”

“Malikia” aims to pump investments in establishments whose businesses have been affected by the Corona pandemic .. 3 million is the minimum investment .. Learn the conditions and method of submission

دعوة: اجتماع مالكي الوحدات لصندوق الجوهرة العقاري “المدينة الرقمية سابقاً

Ownership of the investment: the volume of assets under management increased by more than 218% in the first quarter

Important Notice: We would like to inform you that we do not have any affiliated branches in the United Arab Emirates or in any other country. We intend to do so to disclaim our responsibility in this regard.

Mulkia Investment Company signs United Nations Women Empowerment Principles