Mulkia-Gulf Real Estates REIT Fund

Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT is a Sharia compliant closed public traded listed real estate investment fund, established according to thelaws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & regulated by CapitalMarket Authority


FUND NAMEMulkia-Gulf Real Estate REIT Fund
FUND MANAGERMulkia Investment Company
BUSINESS DAYSbusiness day from Sunday to Thursday with the exception of public holidays for the KSA
BASE CURRENCYSaudi Arabia, Riyals
RISK CATEGORY Midume to High Risk. Please read the risk clause mentioned in paragraph 8 of the Terms and Conditions
FUND TYPEClosed, public ,listed fund and is compliant with Shariah
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The additional offering- Capital Increase

Mulkia Investment Company, as the manager of Mulkia Gulf Real Estate REIT, announces an increase in the total value of the Fund's assets. This increase comes first with the aim to complete the acquisition of Aljada Commercial Hotel Complex and using the additional cash proceeds to pay off part of the fund’s outstanding long term loan. The acquisition main goal is to improve and maintain the fund's future returns, giving that, the real estate is placed in a good location in Riyadh. The real estate also contains commercial facilities and a hospitality center operated by the global agent, Radisson Blue.